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City of Albany tries to ease pain at the pump

June 13, 2008

Albany -- The City of Albany is doing what it can to get relief at the pump when fueling city vehicles, mainly by downsizing models.

"We are getting smaller units because the full-size unit wasn't needed. The most recent is we have spoken to Chief Younger and they have moved to the Impala instead of the Crown Vic's for the detective division," said Central Services Director, Stephen Collier.

The new Chevrolet Impalas give 18 miles to the gallon in the city and 29 miles to the gallon on the highway instead of the 14 miles to the gallon in the city provided by the Ford Crown Victoria's.

Officers patrolling a beat or responding to calls will still use Crown Victorias. "It was just a prudent thing to do to protect the taxpayers money," said Collier. Fleet Management is about to present the new contract for fuel for the next fiscal year that will cost the city a little more than 2 million tax dollars.

And though they know downsizing will help, the key lies in employees driving habits. "Curtail your idling. And officers, go inside instead of going through the drive-thru during peak hours because you burn a lot of fuel like that," said Collier.

They also encourage officers to go inside when filling out reports instead of letting the A. C. run in their vehicles. "We want all of our employees to be mindful of letting a vehicle sit there and be idle for minutes because that's where you lose your fuel economy," said Collier.

And that in turn saves tax dollars coming out of your pockets. Albany's Fleet Management Division is also looking at safely extending the time between oil changes to save tax dollars.


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