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Woman recovers from venomous spider bite

June 13, 2008

Worth County -- A Worth County woman is recovering Friday from what she believes was a poisonous spider bite.

Benita Jackson told us that three weeks ago her sister was sitting on the steps of her back yard when she was bitten by a Brown Recluse on her buttocks.

The wound got drastically worse over the next few days. And the woman had to have surgery to remove infected skin surrounding the bite.

"The doctor, when he looked at it had glasses on and his eyes got as big as his glasses. His mouth dropped to his chin and said these words to her, 'You got bit by a vermin' and rushed for the surgeon," said Benita Jackson.

"Regardless of what you think it is, contact your health care provider because it could be a spider bite, but it could also be MRSA," said Southwest Georgia Public Health Director, Dr. Jacqueline Grant. 

You should see a doctor if you have any skin abnormalities that don't improve in a day or two.

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