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Thieves take medical equipment

June 13, 2008

A Lee County family is searching for answers tonight after someone broke into their car right in their driveway and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Tonight, one member of that family speaks out about crime in their community.

Lee County resident Nancy Lorber has a message for the people of South Georgia.

"As a community and all of the communities we have to work together and see what we need to do to protect ourselves, our families, you know our properties" said Lorber.

Nancy and her husband Dr. Doug Lorber were asleep inside their home in Lee County Friday morning when someone broke into the car and stole medical equipment worth several thousand dollars.

"His office hearing testing equipment was taken. A piece of equipment that's called an OAE machine that's the size of two playing cards is the width and the length" said Lorber.

The equipment is used by Dr. Lorber in his practice when he travels.  In addition to the audio testing equipment a laptop was also stolen, but fortunately...

"The information that is in that particular laptop does not have any personal information on patients other than testing information. So there's no social security numbers, no addresses and that type of thing" said Lorber.

The thieves were so brazen that they actually broke into the car despite the fact that there are security lights on either side of the vehicle shining right down on it.

The Lorbers have lived in the house since 1996 and Nancy told us that a neighborhood watch was just put in place in their subdivision.

There is a reward for information that leads to the return of the equipment.

For more information call Audiology Associates in Albany at (229) 434-0003.

The Lee County Sheriffs Office is still investigating the break-in.



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