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Be watchful of diseased trees

June 13, 2008

Albany -- For the past 3 days, tree removal services have been running their chainsaws from sun-up to sun-down - busy after Monday night's thunderstorm. Lee Harper with Harper Tree Service says he was immediately flooded with phone calls.

"We probably got anywhere from 25 to 45 calls, Most of them in the Whispering Pines section."

From oak trees to pine trees - big and small to young and old - they toppled, broke in half and came crashing to the ground by the dozens.

"I rode around and counted anywhere from 50 to 80 trees that were down. They were on top of cars and on top of houses," says Harper.

Harper says now is a better time than ever for homeowners to spot trees that might not withstand the next storm.

"Right now, you just really need to go out in your yard since it's hurricane season and look for diseases in your trees. We got one right here that broke probably 40 foot up in the air right at the disease.

Trees with visible twists or knots like this broken pine, are at risk of breaking or falling during high winds like the ones that blew through the area Monday night. The end result can be costly to homeowners.

"If you've got any around your houses, now is a good time to check them out. It'll save you save you some money if the long run."

It's important for home and property owners seeking help in removing downed trees to make sure


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