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As gas prices increase so does the demand for scooters

June 12, 2008

Albany--With gas hovering around $4 a gallon, how would you like to be able to drive 80, or even 100 miles on one gallon?

You can, if you ride a scooter.

At Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki of Albany, they are scrambling to find more scooters.

"Right now demand is outstripping supply," said Wilson Holloway, General Manager.

Because of great gas mileage and easy financing, there is a lot of demand right now.

Manufacturers were caught off guard, and are finding it hard to keep scooters on the showroom floor.

"It's sort of caught the manufactures unaware and a lot of the dealers are running short too," said Holloway.

But not everyone is game to hop on a scooter.

"A scooter, I don't think I'd ride on a scooter, maybe a motorcycle," said Jared Romero.

John Perdew said he would certainly invest in something that gets more than double the gas mileage as his minivan.

"Oh I certainly would, in fact a friend of mine in California just got one, and she's so proud of it, she's going to be riding around," said Perdew.

As gas prices jump almost daily, and people look for more miles per gallon, local dealers are finding it hard to keep scooters in stock.

"For us we've got a new order period right now that we're trying desperately to get some more units in," said Holloway.

Holloway said these high gas prices are the perfect fuel, to cause some people to find better and more economical ways to commute.

"That seems to be happening already, there seems to be a run on smaller cars, hybred cars, scooters," said Perdew.

But if scooters aren't efficient enough you may want to ditch gasoline all together

"Bicycles do even better, I have a bicycle I'm going to be using more and more," said Perdew.

Wilson Holloway says some of the scooters he sells get up to 100 miles per gallon, and you can fill the tank for about $20.


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