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Turtles want no trash in storm drains

 June 12, 2008

Albany - Employees from Miller Brewing teamed up with Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful to install green markers at catch basins along Gillionville Road.

The drains are intended for storm water only because they empty directly into the Flint River.

Too often, people use the drains to dispose of leaves and grass clippings.

"At Miller, we take one day a year across the company where we volunteer our service of our employees for different initiatives and this one is part of our sustainable development,"  says Miller Plant Manager Chris Thelen.

"It's an awareness event," says KADB Executive Director Judy Bowles. "We want our citizens to realize that things that go down into our storm drains, go directly into the Flint River untreated, and so nothing should be going down there except our rain water."

Miller's grant will pay for 4,000 of the disks. There are 10,000 catch basins in the city.

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