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Hundreds of GA trucks and drivers grounded

June 12, 2008

Valdosta - The Georgia Department of Public Safety hit the brakes for hundreds of commercial trucks and drivers.

245 trucks and 122 drivers were taken out of service after a three day road check.

The trucks were randomly checked for safety inspections.

Officers say most trucks were grounded for violations with brakes, lights, safe loading, wheels and tires.

Most drivers were cited for being on the road to many hours, false logs and seat belt violations.

Truckers say the best way to keep the truck and driver safe is to do daily inspections.

"Do it daily. As you go, you do it. We check the truck regularly everyday. In the morning, in the night, whenever we start, whenever we finish," says truck driver Alfredo Vealsco.

Officers say the road checks safety inspections locate trucks with safety defects and remove them from the highways before crashes occur.

The road checks were conducted June third through fifth nationwide.

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