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Thomas county completes long-due revaluation

June 11, 2008

Thomasville-- Home and business owners met today to discuss what's been a hot topic in the community: the revaluation notices every Thomas County property owner recently got in their mailboxes.   "We have not had a complete revaluation in Thomas County for over 20 years, and the state has been penalizing Thomas County," said  David Clark on the Thomas County Tax Assessor's Board.

The state penalized Thomas County more than $100,000 for the last 2 years because property values were not assessed at fair market value and were not uniform.  "Property in Thomas County and the state of Georgia should be at a 40% level of assessing which is market value. Thomas County was at a 32% level in 2006 and dropped to 28% in 2007," said Don Long, Chief Appraiser for Thomas County.

In other words, a $100,000 house in Thomas County in 2007 was only assessed at $70,000 . A $200,000 house in 2007 was only assessed at $140,000.  "They've gotten by over the years without paying them out so if it goes up some its due time," said Bruce Dillard.

But just because your property value went up, it doesn't necessarily mean your taxes will.  "If our overall digest increased 50% then the millage will be rolled back according to state law, by 50%," said Long. Overall it's good news appraisers say, giving home owners a better understanding of what their property is worth, and what they should be able to get if they sold it.

Thomas County property owners have until June 30th to appeal their new assessment.


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