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Big trees make big bills

June 11, 2008
by Stephanie Knox

Albany - A mammoth, century-old oak tree, downed by Monday night's storm, is causing quite a dilemma for a northwest Albany man.   The tree towered 100 feet above Billy Goodson's house on Pinecrest Drive.  

As he and his wife watched the storm Monday night they couldn't believe their eyes when the giant oak toppled.

Removing this tree will prove to be a long-term project for Goodson. 

"We had a tree fall from our neighbor's property into our yard awhile back, and it was maybe a quarter the size of this tree, and because of the fact that we don't have an alley here and the access is all by carry, that tree was $2,800 to remove, and it was nowhere near as big," said Goodson.     

Goodson says it could cost as much as five thousand dollars to have the tree removed.


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