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Rangers urge farmers to be extra cautious

June 10, 2008

Albany--  Hot, dry conditions are keeping firefighters busy with wildfires. You may have seen the smoke recently.  There has been a rash of out of control wheat field fires. Now the Forestry Commission is issuing a warning.

There were two runaway wheat field fires in Dougherty County Tuesday afternoon. One on Eight-Mile Road was near the site of another fire last Friday. Another fire near the Marine Base burned about 300 acres.

The Georgia Forestry Commission expects to see more fires as wheat farmers harvest and replant. Rangers urge farmers to burn early in the morning and take extra safety precautions.  

"With the conditions being as dry as they've been lately, we haven't gotten sufficient moisture and the wind is the main thing that's getting away. When the burn goes on, it makes it's own weather," said Garry English with the Georgia Forestry Commission.  

Farmers don't have to get burn permits but they are supposed to notify The Forestry Commission. Everyone else does need a permit.  To get one, call 1-877-OK2-BURN or visit www.gatrees.org.  

Rangers say if conditions get worse, they may stop issuing all burn permits.

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