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Some have to work extra hard to beat the heat

June 9, 2008

Albany--  For a third straight day, we hit a record high temperature into the triple digits in Albany. It's unheard of to have such a severe heat wave this early in the year.

South Georgians are trying to beat the heat but for some there's no escape, even when they go to work.  

The sky in the late afternoon sets the scene-- hazy, humid, and of course hot.

"It is plenty hot," said construction worker Jeff Smith. Smith plays the role of the sweaty construction worker.  It's a role that started early in the day.

"Since about 7 a.m.," said Smith.

By lunch-time, it just gets harder and harder to play the part. "This heat right here," laughs Smith.

The sun is un-scripted and certainly unwilling to let anything else outshine it.  It makes Brittany Edwards feels a certain way. "Tired, achy," said Edwards.

For the past year, you could say Brittany has handled wardrobe in the dry-cleaning business. Even though she's off-stage from the sun, it still has it's affect. "It's really hot. It's at least 10 or 20 degrees hotter than outside," said Edwards.

But every now and then the audience or customers give words of appreciation for her performance. "They tell us that it's really hot and they don't see how we can stand it," said Edwards.

Smith can only stand it for so long. He says the best part of the day is when the hot show ends. "Hopefully at 4 o'clock today," said Smith.

That's when he'll take a bow from the heat. That's also when everyone should give a round of applause because not everyone can handle the role.

Both Smith and Edwards say they drink lots of water to stay hydrated. That's very important for everyone during these high-temp days. A good and free way to beat the heat is to take a trip to the mall where the temperatures are always cool.



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