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Heat is dangerous without proper hydration

June 9, 2008

Albany -- On Saturday and Sunday we had record breaking heat in Albany reaching triple digits both days. When it's this hot, it's important to stay cool and hydrated.

"Things to look out for are fever, being hot, excessive sweating nausea and light-headedness," said Emergency Medicine Doctor, Israel Landa.

When those symptoms hit, it's important to drink lots of water and cool down. "Once you stop sweating and become nauseated, that's when you should become concerned. It could lead to heat exhaustion and ultimately heat stroke which can result in change or mental status or confusion," said Dr. Landa.

Coroner Emma Quimbley says it's too early to tell if Johnnie Morris had a heat stroke or if he may have simply fallen in the pool. Morris did yard work for Linda Hodge and her family for more than a decade and once got too hot while outside.

"A few years ago he got overheated working in my mother's yard and we went to the emergency room. They treated him and he got over it," said Linda Hodge.

And she says from then on, he always made sure to take care of himself and not get overheated. "He tended to be very aware of that and we always talked and I'd come out and say, you know, we can take a long time getting this done," said Hodge.

An autopsy is being conducted at the G-B-I crime lab in Atlanta to determine an exact cause of death.

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