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Code official investigated by city

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June 9, 2008

Albany - A Code Enforcement officer was caught making sexual advances to men while he was supposed to be doing his job.

Code Enforcement Inspector Travious Trent's beat was restricted to downtown Albany, so when a citizen complained that he was approached by Trent for sex, the city began tracking his movements.

"As soon as he leaves his office he goes directly to these areas along the river, and the Riverwalk, and the railroad tracks and down behind the civic center. These are different locations where we've known of problems with prostitutes and male prostitutes in the areas," said Captain Craig Dodd of the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

Instead of inspecting downtown buildings, an investigative report states that Trent traveled the loop looking for men.

"According to his reports he was doing different, opening different cases and frankly we couldn't match anything up to what he was doing, to actually where he was located," said Dodd.

After two days of tracking Trent on the computer the Sheriff's office decided to put officers out here in the field and sure enough Trent approached them.

"He did make sexual comments to the one officer last week, but it did not rise to the level of a sexual solicitation of sodomy that we can prosecute under that code section," says Ken Hodges, Dougherty District Attorney.

Because he never mentioned money. But what he did do according to Hodges, "He listed on his log sheets places that he was and he wasn't there."

That's why he's been charged with false statements and writings, a felony, but law enforcement believes there's a bigger community concern.

"I've also been told he's lined up to head off and be a camp counselor in a few weeks. That is very disturbing to me. I'm going to make sure that the appropriate officials there are aware of what's going on with the investigation," says Hodges.

For now the investigation remains open, and the Sheriff's office expects additional charges will be filed.

Trent previously worked as a teacher's aide/para-professional in the Dougherty County School System. He has ten days to appeal his termination. He is currently out of jail on bail.