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Senior center says it needs more $

June 9, 2008

Albany - An East Albany senior center that has had funding trouble for the past several years asks the county for a financial handout.

Members of the Golden Retreat at the Gray Senior Center in Albany attended Monday's County commission meeting, where the board is considering giving $20,000 to the center to help it operate.

 The commission also gave the center $20,000 last year and hoped it would be a one-time commitment, but the center is in danger of shutting down without assistance from both the city and the county. 

 "It gives them a reason to get up in the morning," says Senior Center Attendee Nancy DiPietro.  "They want to put us on meals on wheels.  They don't want that.  They want to be together with people.  That's why it means a lot.  'cause it would be pretty bad for all of us if they did close it down."

Because of budget constraints, the center is only operating four days a week to save money.  Private fundraisers are being held to bring in additional money to the center.

 The city has pledged the senior center $20,000.


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