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Giant oak crashes on home

June 7, 2008

Dawson--There were no heavy winds or rain on Friday here in Southwest Georgia, but those things were not needed to bring an oak tree more than a century old crashing down on one woman's house.

Part of that tree landed in her bed.

She's very thankful  that she wasn't in bed at the time.

Essie Bronner knew it was bound to happen.

"I knew it was going to fall one day," said Essie Bronner.

A tree was rotting in her yard for years and from time to time, huge limbs would come crashing down to the ground.

But early Saturday morning, limbs and the entire giant oak tree connected to them came crashing down onto her house.

"And I heard this great big boom and I looked out the window and I saw blue fire," said Rebecca Sims, Neighbor.

The fire was coming from the transformer which had to be replaced.

A couple of residents in the immediate area lost power, and cable.

"Thank God no one was in there I wasn't in there I worked overtime and I came to my daughters when I left work," said Bronner.

According to neighbors this didn't have to happen they tried to ask the city for permission to cut it down for years, but the city citing it's historic significance didn't allow it.

"It took the porch off, and the bed, it's not totally destroyed, it's there but I probably won't be able to use it," said Bronner.

"We always say we wonder when the tree fall we were wondering what side it was going to fall on maybe it'll fall back that way, I said no Essie it'll fall towards your house, and it's going to take yours and mine both out but luckily mine was spared," said Sims.

"Sometimes I bring my grandsons home and let them be there with me but I'm just thankful to God we weren't in there because it could have been worse," said Bronner.

Bronner's next door neighbor said she's glad they don't have to worry about the tree anymore, but hates that it came down where it did.

Luckily Bronner does have insurance.

She plans to stay with her daughter until repairs are made to the home.


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