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Lives saved at the NICU were celebrated

June 7, 2008

Albany -- We have a reunion to show you Saturday of doctors and some of their most delicate patients. More than 150 South Georgia families were invited to attend the 2008 NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Graduation party.

These children, most of them born prematurely, were all once patients in Phoebe's neonatal unit. Saturday, hospital staff and family members celebrated their survival.

"We get to see the children back with their parents with their siblings. And really just get to have a warm feeling about what it is that we've done," said Medical Director of NICU, Dr. Richard Heath.

"Its a bonding experience through the time at the NICU and to be able to come back and see the doctors and the nurses, and let them see the kids that they took care off," said Amy Stephenson.

This is the first neonatal graduation party held at Phoebe in 15 years, but the hospital plans to continue the reunions from now on.


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