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Wildcats Corner: Matt Jackson

June 6, 2008

Albany -- Cecil Lester says, "Hey, we're back. Wildcats Corner. I'm Cecil Lester. We're here with one of the newest Wildcats, maybe some of you guys know him. If you don't, this is Matt Jackson. Matt, you played here last year, you're back. How does it feel to be back?"

Matt Jackson says, "It feels good to be back, hopefully I can be a spark for this team. A 5-4 record, make a push to get into the playoffs. Get a few victories, get the crowd excited. It feels good to be back."

"Tell the people something they might not know about Matt Jackson," said Lester.

Jackson says, "The biggest reason I haven't been here all season is I have a business where I work with the mentally disabled. I think that would be the biggest surprise to people who meet me."

"There you have it," says Lester. "This is Cecil Lester, that's Matt Jackson. When you come to the game, make sure you find him, and his kind heart, and see how kind he is. That's it for the Wildcats Corner this week."

Jackson says, "Hey, you guys come out and get rowdy Saturday night. We need a big crowd out here."

"There you go," says Lester.  "Make sure you see us Saturday."

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