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Airfares soar with fuel prices

June 6, 2008

Albany-  Those soaring fuel costs have made the cost of airfare sky high. The cost of traveling to the top 10 destinations from here have risen more than 50 percent in two weeks.

Travel agents expect those prices to continue to rise and say if you want to get a better price on a flight this year, you need to make your reservations now.

David Klein takes more than 450 flights a year and says the complaints he hears from other passengers are growing.

"Well, they're talking about flights cancelled or late flights, the extra charge for baggage, what have you, said David Klein, an airline passenger.

Add the higher costs of airfare to the list. Sky rocketing fuel prices have travel agents warning those who plan to travel this year, book now!

"If you know your dates, the sooner the better," said Dennis Fenton, Your Travel Connection Owner.

"If you want to get anywhere close to a lower fare and you plan on traveling this summer you need to start planning now," said Yvette Aehle, Southwest Regional Airport Director.

You can see how fares have risen in the last two weeks. To book the same flight today that you did two weeks ago from Albany to Washington D.C. National it's up 90 percent, Las Vegas isn't as bad at an increase of two percent, but a trip to New York will cost you 75 percent more and it's up 14 percent to Los Angeles.

"It just depends on where you want to go, what time you want to go, so what I'm urging people is to be flexible especially it's for leisure travel," said Aehle.

Travel agents warn passengers booking flights also need to watch out for additional fees.

"They're now starting to charge for bags, they're charging to talk with reservation agents on the telephone, and penalties have increased so buyer beware," said Fenton.

They say with airlines parking planes, and reducing capacity it's going to make it harder for those passengers looking for discount seats or for anyone looking to use frequent flyer miles.

Cruise ships also raised prices in the last week.



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