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Campaign signs targeted in Lee County Sheriff's race

June 6, 2008

Albany-  Campaign signs in the Lee County Sheriff's race are taking a hit, and both candidates want it to stop.

Sheriff Harold Breeden's signs have been spray painted with a swastica. Others have been ripped from their supports or thrown into woods. His opponent, Reggie Rachals, says his signs have been damage, too, and more than 80 have disappeared. Neither is accusing the other of the mischief. In fact, the sheriff says his signs are likely being damaged by people he's put in jail in the past.

"I've got a job to do and I'm going to do it, if they want to tear down my signs, I wish they wouldn't, but I'll just get back out there and repair them and put them back up," said Lee County Sheriff Harold Beeden.

"Don't mess with the signs, that's top priority right now because nobody on my side has anything against my opponent, messing with the signs and I would hope he feels the same way and I feel like he does," said Reggie Rachals.

Vandalism is a crime and the sheriff says he'll arrest anyone caught damaging either candidates signs.



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