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Thieves strike home a third time

Stolen heating unit Stolen heating unit

June 5, 2008

Albany--An Albany businessman is angry after burglars hit his investment property again, this time they made off with everything including the kitchen sink.

Larry Sexton bought the downtown duplex, he knew the home had been burglarized once.

It's happened two more times since he took ownership.

Just this week, burlgars took a heating unit, AC unit, appliances, wiring inside the walls, and even the kitchen sinks.

Larry Sexton just bought the duplex on Cason Street last month, and he's already been hit by crooks twice.

"I have continued to have problems with vandalism and theft, and I've done everything I know to do, I've boarded up the windows to keep people out It's just totally unsuccessful," said Larry Sexton, Property Owner.

Sexton had started renovations and planned to rent the units. Now, all of that is on hold because of brazen thieves.

"They've stolen the sinks out of this place, they've stolen everything that has to do with the air conditioning. The have taken the receptacles out of the walls snatched the wiring and ripped the panel, and they couldn't have gotten more than $3 worth of copper at the most," Said Sexton.

The heating unit which sat in the closet, gone, the fridge and stove, swiped also, and a gaping hole remains in the counters of both units where the kitchen sinks once sat.

"I spoke to the police officer today that came in and made the report, she says since it is a vacant property, all the can do is ride by the can't stop and do a walk around," said Sexton.

Sexton can't really ask the neighbors for help either, the house next door is also boarded up, and there's not much activity at the church across the street on most days.

The businessman understands it's his responsibility. He says he's done his best, but he says the city needs to do more to make the area safer if they want investors like himself to take a chance and fix up property downtown.

"My question to the viewers, to the city commission, to the police department is how do I protect my property? I need someone to answer that question for me so that I can protect my investment."

The way things are shaping up Sexton says he's going to have to get electricity turned on, and park his camper on property so he can hopefully deter these thieves from striking again.

The damage estimate is about $10,000 dollars.

That doesn't include the cost of replacing the appliances.


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