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Hit and run vehicle false alarm

June 5, 2008

Albany -- It was a false alarm. A car thought to be possibly linked to a hit and run death in Albany, isn't.
Investigators checked out a Chevy Lumina to determine whether it was the car that killed Ginny Crisler at Hunter's Mill Shopping Center in 2004. Even though it isn't, and that's frustrating to police, it also brings encouragement because people in the community are calling in tips.

A man told Dougherty County Police Wednesday that a 1990 model Chevrolet Lumina with front end damage was parked in this quiet Putney neighborhood, thinking it could be the car that ran down Ginny Crisler three and a half years ago. Chief Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards said "our investigators went out and checked it out. It's not the car."

Another disappointment in the long hunt for this white Lumina.  This is a surveillance video picture taken of the car just after it struck and killed 57 year old Ginny Crisler in the parking lot of the Hunter's Mill shopping center December 14, 2004. The mother of three was Christmas Shopping when she was struck and killed.

 But Police say they are encouraged, because the community has not forgotten. Dougherty County Police Captain Jimmy Sexton said "Occasionally we do get calls from people who see vehicles that match the general description."

 Pictures of that car still are posted but Investigators don't have any solid leads. Still, they're not giving up.  Edwards said "It may take a while, but eventually with patience, cases like this sometimes develop and we will go from there."

 So Investigators urge South Georgians to take a look at this car, and call in any information.  Sexton said "If they have any inkling that that is the vehicle, they should call us. We'll check it out, that's what we're here for." Edwards said "Justice, although it may be slow, always gets served."

Justice that the family of Ginny Crisler still waits and hopes will come one day. There is still a six thousand dollar reward offered for information leading to the conviction of the hit and run driver that killed Ginny Crisler.

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