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Taxpayers Tea Party

June 5, 2008

Albany - Unhappy Dougherty County taxpayers, fighting property tax revaluations, need money to continue their battle. The taxpayers' association will hold a meeting in 30 minutes at Stonebridge Golf Club to further plan their strategy and hopefully raise money to pay for their fight against the county.

It was a year ago this week when the Dougherty County taxpayers' association met to decide it would fight the property tax evaluation. A battle that is far from over. "It's going to be a long drawn out fight. It's going to last six months or longer and we have to have funds," said Richard Thomas.

Funds to fight what they consider unfair taxes. "No one involved is not wanting to pay taxes. We all believe in paying our fair share, for the greater good. The operative word is fair," said Sam Shugart.

"The 15,000 of us who pay property taxes, support 80,000 people," said Thomas. "We've had enough. We're tired of it." And they'll keep fighting the evaluation until it's thrown out altogether. Thomas said, "Not one County commissioner has stepped forward in Dougherty County to say to 5400 appeals, maybe we did something wrong. Maybe we need to stop back and take another look at this, so what they have to deal with is a fire storm."

Right now, the county is appealing to the court of appeals, trying to get the class action lawsuit thrown out. If the court decides it does have merit, the case will likely proceed to a jury trial.

Want to go?  Just bring your invitation or property tax receipt to Stonebridge Country Club at 5:30 pm Thursday.


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