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Coaches say Posey will only get better in pro baseball

June 4, 2008

Leesburg - While Buster Posey continues to amaze Florida State baseball fans with his diamond exploits, in the stands are two gentlemen who saw similar plays more than ten years ago.

Former DYB coach Billy Abell said "Nine years old he was making pro plays. He could go down on his knee. Do a pop up slide and catch a backhanded turnaround and throw it the other way."

Buster Posey's baseball career began here at the Lee County Dixie Youth field where at age 11 he was member of the 1998 DYB world series championship teams coached by Billy Abell, Ted Deiter and Mike Jones.

Though Abell says Buster was at times an assistant coach.

 Abell said "You call a meeting on the mound and you go out there and you start discussing things and he would let you know if you left something off. He would tell you what the situation was. He knew exactly where the plays were going to go and at the time he was the smallest player on the field. "

At Lee County High School, Buster Posey became one of the top high school players in the nation. During his career, Lee County won three region titles and were state runner-up his senior season.

Head coach Rob Williams said "We had heard about him in the DYB program. Then of course when he got here as a ninth grader we saw the ability he had. Then his sophomore year it didn't take long to figure out he was a really good baseball player."

What all of Buster Posey's former coaches are proud of the most about their prized player is that he is much more than a baseball player.

Former DYB coach Ted Deiter said "There is not a word in Webster's Dictionary that you can use to describe Buster Posey. It is just not there. The year he is having. You don't really have. I don't know anyone who can have a year like this and be such a gentlemen and an academic scholar as well.

Rob Williams said "Not only is he a great baseball player. He is an honor student at Lee County High School. He was a student that everybody here liked. You never heard anyone say anything bad about Buster Posey."

And while the Tampa Bay Rays decide whether to use the coveted top pick on Buster Posey, the coaches who know him best say as good as Posey has been this year.

He has only scratched the surface of his talent.

BillyAbell said "No matter what the situation he is always working and getting better. I think that is what he is going to do as becomes a pro."

Ted Deiter said "I am going to be humble like Buster and not say anything else. I am going to be glued to the t.v.. I can assure you."

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