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Gel in, gel out of hospital

June 4, 2008

Albany -- Phoebe Putney officials want everyone to use hand hygiene gel when they visit patients at the hospital.

They are starting a campaign urging everyone to gel in and gel out when they visit Phoebe.

The hospital installed anti bacterial gel dispensers like this in almost every room and hallway. Doctors urge visitors to use them to reduce risk of infections. Phoebe Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, Dr. Doug Patten, said  "Emphasize the need to perform some form of hand hygiene before you interact with a patient, and after you interact with a patient. So that you protect that patient from whatever else you have been doing, and you protect everyone else from that patient."

Doctors say washing with soap and water is the best way to kill germs and bacteria, but the anti bacterial gels are the next best thing.


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