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Ready for combat at MCLB

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June 4, 2008

Albany - Logistics Command at MCLB Albany has a new weapon for combat. This $3.1 Million  Combat Vehicle Preservation Maintenance facility was unveiled today at the base. The Facility will allow workers at LogCom to repair light armored vehicles in a climate controlled environment and should reduce the cost of maintaining and reworking the LAVs and get them back to the battlefield faster.

"In an effort to provide ready equipment to our forces around the world, this will allow us the ability to manage, maintain and to care for that equipment in a more efficient and certainly more timely manner," said Maj. General Willie Williams.

Mike Layfield said, "With this facility we can work at night time, we can work in the rain, the cold, the heat. It does not matter."

 Before now, the light armored vehicles were repaired in the open, making it difficult for workers to work during inclement weather and extreme temperatures.