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Lott, Phelps win GISA player of the year honors

June 3, 2008

Albany -

The high school baseball season is over and the postseason awards are starting to pour in for local players.

Deerfield-Windsor's Justin Lott has been named the GISA's AAA player of the year.

Lott this season batted .526 with six homeruns and drove in 50 runs.

On the pitching mound, he was 8-1 with 70 strikeouts and his earned run average was just over two.

Deerfield-Windsor coach Rod Murray alos earning a big honor.

The Knights first year head coach will be the head coach for the AAA all-stars in their game with Class AA and Class A all stars this weekend.

Rod Murray said "It will be fun. It will be fun. It is a little relaxed. It is a privilege to be chosen to coach that team and we are looking forward to it."

Westwood's Clark Phelps was named the GISA Class A baseball player of the year.

The GISA all-star baseball game is Saturday in Macon.

         GISA Baseball
Justin Lott Deerfield-Windsor
Evan Boyd Deerfield-Windsor
Steven Mann Deerfield-Windsor
Adam Fussell Southland
Michael Swain Southland
Will Webb Southland

  Region 3AAA
Grant Massey Deerfield
Evan Boyd Deerfield
Justin Lott Deerfield
Steven Mann Deerfield
Jake Moore Deerfield
Kevin McCrary Deerfield
Culin Brown Deerfield
Patrick Golden Deerfield
Michael Matthews Deerfield
Banks Kinslow Deerfield IF FR
Adam Fussell Southland
Michael Swain Southland
Will Webb Southland
Jake Griffith Southland
Ty Cartwright Southland
Jess Alexander Southland
Matt Weaver Westfield
Tony Albritton Westfield
John Schramm Sherwood Christian
Jarrod Taylor Westfield
Andrew Lanier Sherwood Christian
Tyler Brooks Westfield
Caleb Farmer Sherwood Christian
Conley Short Sherwood Christian

Brent Kinsey Brookwood
Jeb Johnson Brookwood
Caleb Bryson Brookwood
Cole Taylor Randolph-Southern
Chance Benson Tiftarea
Bryce Brandenberg Tiftarea 

      Region 3-AA
Kyle Brown Brookwood
Brent Kinsey Brookwood
Jeb Johnson Brookwood
Brent Johnson Brookwood
Caleb Bryson Brookwood
Drew Bridges SGA
Alex Wilson SGA
Miles Lee SGA
Chandler Ray SGA
Carter Karras 
Zac Henry Valwood 
Matt Houston Randolph Southern
Cole Taylor Randolph Southern
Lee White Randolph Southern
Jon Floyd Randolph Southern
Matt Fowler Randolph Southern
Chance Benson Tiftarea
Bryce Brandenberg Tiftarea
Clint Holley Tiftarea
Chase Ward Tiftarea
Chandler Hammond Tiftarea
Josh Haynes Tiftarea

          Class A
Clark Phelps Westwood
Brett Shiver Westwood
Tyler Thompson Westwood
John Brock Terrell Acad.
Chandler Farley Terrell Acad.
Gil Brown Terrell Acad.
Brady Copeland Terrell Acad.
Chas Stewart Fullington
Jordan Johnson Citizens Chr.

       Region 3-A
J.T Carter Crisp
Patrick Fay Crisp  
Bo Wright Crisp 
John Brock Terrell 
Chandler Farley Terrell 
Gil Brown Terrell
Amp Landrum Terrell
Brady Copeland Terrell
Lee Jacobs Westwood 
Tyler Thompson Westwood 
Brett Shiver Westwood 
Clark Phelps Westwood 
Chas Stewart Fullington
David Faircloth Fullington 
Ryan Hughes Georgia Christian

      GISA Girls Soccer
Shelby Cosby Deerfield-Windsor
Ivy Puckett Deerfield-Windsor
Devin Webb Deerfield Windsor
Paige Reagan Sherwood- Christian 

     Region 3AAA
Paige Reagan SCA 
Alex Hall SCA
Paige Barker SCA
Katie Foster SCA
Abby Dees CFCA 
Kyndal Foster CFCA
Katelyn Barnard CFCA
Mandy Spencer CFCA
Tia Rogers CFCA
Lauren Hollingshead CFCA
Katie Williams Deerfield
Devin Webb Deerfield 
Sam Linhart Deerfield
Candace Cosby Deerfield
Ivy Puckett Deerfield
Lacey Kinchaloe Deerfield
Shelby Cosby Deerfield
Lauren Fulford Deerfield

         GISA  AA Girls Soccer
Morgan Donaldson Terrell Academy
Julie Davis Terrell Academy
Marielle Youmans Brookwood 

          Region 3AA
Morgan Donaldson Terrell
Julie Davis Terrell
Tonya Horne Terrell
Kristin Waldal Terrell
Marlee Locke Terrell
Millie Foster Terrell
Alex Barfield Terrell
Libby Coram Brookwood
Winnie Kadias Brookwood
Marielle Youmans Brookwood
Logan Petrey Brookwood
Haley Caldwell Brookwood
Kelsey Rasmussen Valwood
Hollyn Scott Valwood
Stephanie Tillman Valwood
Courtney Harris Valwood
Rachel Swilley GCS
Samantha Sloan GCS
Lynley Grace Taylor Tiftarea
Rebekah Joyner Tiftarea

     GISA Boys Soccer
Wyatt Egan Brookwood
Blair Austin Brookwood
Ben Peeples Valwood

     South Region
Blair Austin Brookwood
Sean Bell Brookwood
Harrison Avera Brookwood
Wyatt Egan Brookwood
DJ Grooms Brookwood
Chris Brewer Brookwood
Tyler Landress Piedmont
Bryce Kinard Piedmont
Sam Cleary Piedmont
Will Eckerle Piedmont
Hayden Lewis Piedmont
Will Minor Westfield
Stuart Knight Westfield
Felix Gerstenberger Westfield
Riley Seymour Westfield
Ben Peeples Valwood
Derrick Buchman Valwood
David Boatwright Valwood
Will Powell Bulloch


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