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Death investigation appears to be homicide

June 3, 2008

Decatur County--  The usually quiet neighborhood on the Georgia-Florida border was swarmed with police cars when a 911 call went out from inside this home. 

"This morning at 8:09 a.m. we received a call from Chattahoochee PD, that a 911 call had been routed through their agency because of the cell phone towers that there was a death that was being reported here at 138 Booster Club Circle," said  Major Wendell Coffer with the Decatur County Sheriff's Office.

The death of 37-year-old Kenneth Dwayne Koon was reported by two women: one a friend, the other his girlfriend.  "Our officers and investigators arrived and determined that we do have a death that is being investigated," said Coffer.

"We are investigating it as a homicide.  There's trauma to this individual, definitely some foul play involved," added Decatur County Sheriff Wiley Griffin. 

Decatur County investigators don't believe the man who was murdered here lived here but was visiting the man who does.  Because of that fact, investigators had to wait nearly 8 hours Tuesday morning and afternoon to get a search warrant to go inside and begin investigating the crime scene.

The GBI and its Florida equivalent are helping with the investigation.  "We are on the Florida border. So we may need to be going into Florida to follow up leads and other things, so they're sending a liaison to assist us," said Coffer.

A Georgia State Patrol Helicopter was also flying overheard in the area Tuesday afternoon but authorities won't yet say what they were searching for.  "We're following up on some leads. It's real preliminary right now," said Griffin.  

They say the investigation could take days to get more solid information.  Authorities say the victim, Kenneth Koon, was from the Lake City, Florida area.


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