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Lott is working for the good of the community

June 3, 2008

Albany - Albany's City Manager says his first three years on the job may have been filled with friction, but he's doing what's best for the city. Alfred Lott told a civic club today that he's hired 14 executive level employees some of whom filled existing positions. He says he received a lot of heat for some of his decisions, but is confident the city government is now more effective and more efficient.  

Lott said, "I'd put my department directors that I have now, professionally, up against anybody in the business. These guys are certified, college educated, have all their professional certifications and they have successful professional experiences."

Albany has a 27% poverty rate, a number Lott has been instructed to lower by the city commission. He also wants to help encourage more economic development within the city and hopes Albany can compete to become an All-America City.

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