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Moultrie Road exit changes

June 2, 2008

Albany -- Big changes to the off ramps at U.S. 19 and Moultrie Road interchange in South Dougherty County will go into effect Thursday morning.

North and south bound traffic on U.S. 19 exiting onto Moultrie Road will use newly built exits that will have traffic signals at the top of the ramps.

 Right now those traffic lights are flashing, but Thursday morning at 10 AM the signals will be turned on and the new ramps opened to traffic.

Department of Transportation officials say they have not had accident problems at those exits, but they say design improvements will help the traffic flow. Georgia Dept. of Transportation spokesman Craig Solomon said "There is plenty of warning. If the people will do one thing, slow down, that's the biggest thing, if you will slow down you'll understand how this is going to work. You may miss your exit one time, but after that it should be no problem."

The ramps leading from Moultrie Road to U.S. 19 will stay the same.  Again the new Bypass exit ramps will open to traffic Thursday at ten AM.


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