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Governor Perdue says NO to gas tax increases

June 2, 2008

Albany -- We've got a little bit of good news about gas prices. The state won't raise the gas tax. Governor Sonny Perdue signed an executive order Monday morning that will hold the state gas tax at 11¢ per gallon.

The Department of Revenue recalculates the state motor fuel tax and state sales taxes on fuel twice a year.

It's based on the average price of gas for the previous six months. Without Monday's order, taxes would have gone up 2.9¢ per gallon.

"I think it will help everybody out because we are already paying high prices at the gas tank and with food and everything else," said Betty Thornton.

"I feel that it's the best thing he can do because we are already paying double taxes on everything. So why continue to increase the price? The price of everything is going up, but not the paycheck," said Ricky Bryant.

The suspension also freezes state motor fuel and state sales tax increases on diesel, aviation gasoline, propane and other special fuels.


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