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Another delay on the Speedway

June 2, 2008

Albany - Another delay for the controversial Albany Motor Speedway. Dougherty County Commissioners yet again postponed voting on the future of the race track. Monday morning, Bob Brooks presented commissioners with noise study results from a Georgia Tech study conducted last Friday. The Commission voted to wait on voting until they had time to review the study results.

Commissioner Jack Stone and some race track supporters were disappointed with the delay. Stone said, "We've prolonged the agony here long enough. We've put it off and kept tabling it and tabling it. I'm tired of fooling with it. I want it to get behind us. We've got other business to take care of. We can't mess with the racetrack forever."

James Simons said, "We just want them to move ahead with the thing. We're not asking for anything special. We're not asking for anything that other groups in this county don't already have." Larry Carpenter said, "Hopefully after the discussion today, we'll be able to move ahead. It's going to be a big advantage for Dougherty County."

Chairman Jeff Sinyard hopes the commission will meet again Wednesday to vote.



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