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Lowndes Co. ready for Hurricane season

June 2, 2008

Lowndes County - Hurricane season is now underway, and emergency managers, especially in extreme south Georgia, want you to be prepared.

In 2004, Hurricane Jeanne pummeled Lowndes county. While a storm hasn't hit since then, it could happen any time.

NOAA forecasters predict we could see up to 16 named storms this year. As many as nine could reach hurricane force.

"We hope we'll be fortunate here in Lowndes County and miss a lot of that so we don't have to expend our resources but its important for our citizens to remember that it only takes one storm," says Paige Dukes of the Lowndes County Commission.

In case they do, Lowndes County leaders have been stockpiled signs and piping.

They hope it will help them prepare for the damage this hurricane season could bring.  "The winds and heavy rains impact us the most. A lot of times those heavy rains can wash out roads and bridges and these culverts," says EMA Director Ashley Tye.

And now they've got a new tool to help warn people of danger, Code Red.  "We are very excited to have it to rely on, we are very excited about the citizen response we've received," Dukes says.

They've also been conducting year round drills to help emergency officials and clean-up personnel respond as quickly as possible.

"We bring the whole team together to work through the exercises and talk about what we would do, review our plan and make sure we have the best plan in place," Tye says.

So they'll be prepared to weather any storm that hits.

County leaders says the best hurricane preparedness starts with you, at home.

They say you should stockpile supplies and a NOAA weather radio should be number one on the list.

To find out the best way you can prepare for hurricane season, click here.

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