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Hurricane season starts Sunday

June 1, 2008

Albany -- Tornadoes, high winds, and flooding are all hurricane hazards in Southwest Georgia. And though we see the damage and devastation flash across our television screens every year; very few do anything to prepare.

"Until it actually happens, people often say I'll get around to it, I'll take care of it later," said Dougherty County Deputy EMA Director, Jim Vaught.

But with hurricane season upon us, now is the time to get ready. "When the actual event happens, and you haven't gotten around to it. Its too late at that point," said Vaught.

"When you see the hurricane is coming, it's already to late to go out and buy those things," said Lowe's Assistant Manager, Allen Mitchell. "When we get an official warning, we sell out of a lot of supplies in one or one and a half day."

That's why its important to stock up on vital items now. It's recommended that you have three days worth of water in your hurricane supply and that equals one gallon per day per family member.

"Can goods, money, medication, special needs. You might have a small child that may need diapers. Just what you feel you need to survive for three days," said Vaught.

But your hurricane disaster plan shouldn't stop there. "We stress every year that you please prepare a family plan. Discuss with each member of your family what you would like to do incase severe weather comes," said Vaught.

That plan should also include an evacuation route, protection of important paperwork, and having a way of getting in touch with extended relatives. Because laying down the ground work for survival now is your best defense against the storm.

Federal forecasters are projecting 12 to 16 named storms with six to nine of those becoming hurricanes. And five of those hurricanes have the possibility of becoming major disasters.


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