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Firefighters stress safety as summer nears


May 31, 2008

Albany--Summer is almost here and most kids are out of school, which makes this the perfect time to talk fire safety.

It was on Friday afternoon when two people were taken to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation, after a seven year old boy playing with a lighter started a fire in the 500 block of Flint Avenue.

Albany firefighters say through their fire safety program, they take time to stress the importance of fire safety to children.

They say parents need to also be proactive.

"Make sure that they keep lighters and matches out of the reach of the children, children are going to emulate their parents if the see them use it they're going to try it sooner or later if the ever get their hands on it, just be sure to keep those things away from your children," said James Sanders, Battalion Chief AFD.

To make sure your family is protected you should also see that your smoke detector is in working condition, and practice a home escape plan.