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Biking on busses

May 30, 2008

Does the high cost of gas make you think about parking the car and taking the bus, but you think that you live too far from a bus stop to walk? Now Albany Transit has a solution.

Buses throughout the city have had bike racks installed at a cost of less than $1000 apiece, with only 10% of the money coming from the city government. 

The racks have been installed on all 10 fixed route buses and only take a few seconds to use. All bicycle riders need to do is to let the driver know that they need to use the rack and to load the bike on their own. Transit officials are convinced that it will increase ridership on the city buses.

Said Nedra Wodyatt "Absolutely, I'm convinced they will. For one people now that live too far to walk from a bus stop can use their bike for that part of the trip. And then when the bus comes, put their bike on the rack and finish their trip on the bus, so it's a perfect combination.

The company that sold the bicycle racks to Albany has also sold racks to over 500 transit agencies in all 50 states. This is the 12th transit system in Georgia to have the racks installed.


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