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Albany 10 most dangerous intersections get inspections

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May 29, 2008

Albany-  Albany Safe Communities is now doing something about its list of Albany's 10 most dangerous intersections unveiled last week.

Representatives from Albany's engineering department and safe communities office inspected four of the intersections Thursday including number nine, the intersection of Dawson Road and Stuart Avenue.

Even though these are city maintained roads, they brought in two representatives from the Department of Transportation to see what can be done to improve the dangerous areas.

"Those of us who drive through these intersections on a daily basis know how to negotiate them, know how to use them, but to bring in somebody from out of town who is not use to using it just gives a fresh perspective," said Michele DeMott, Albany Safe Communities.

Crews also looked at the fourth most dangerous intersection, Stuart Avenue and Palmyra Road.

They say motorists can expect some lane changes at the intersection in the coming weeks. They also inspected Meredith and Westover and Dawson and Whispering Pines.