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Commute crushes gas budgets

May 29, 2008

Albany - No matter where you live, with gas prices close to $4 a gallon, any commute seems like a long one.

That's especially true for Ron James. Every day he drives an hour and fifteen minutes from Tallahassee to Albany State University.

He just started the job two weeks ago, but it's already placing a burden on his family. He is paying $240 a week in gas.

Kim Douglas has a similar story. She commutes each day from Leary for her job in the Library at ASU. Paying $400 a month in gas has taken away all her disposable income. She said, "Oh my God, it has just cut out recreation. Anything extra. Eating out, lunch, forget it. I park the car, I work. I get in the car and I go home."

James said, "We got our oil changed and we have tune ups frequently. We tried gas additives, octane boosters and it all amounts to we're still just spending money." James says he is thinking about getting a motorcycle to cut down on the cost of fuel.

Kim Douglas says she may try using a lower grade gasoline, since she learned she doesn't really need to put premium fuel in her tank.

How's your commute?  Let us know:

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