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Man shot in suspected home invasion

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Thirty-one-year-old Shocothan Jamaal Smith was shot at this unit in Shoreham Apartments Thirty-one-year-old Shocothan Jamaal Smith was shot at this unit in Shoreham Apartments

May 27, 2008

Albany -- An Albany man is in critical condition tonight after he is shot during what police are terming a home invasion.  The apartment complex landlords where he was shot say the victim should not have been there.

Thirty-one-year-old Shocothan Jamaal Smith was shot a little after 2:00 AM at this unit in Shoreham Apartments, just off Lionel Lane. He remains in critical condition at an Albany Hospital. Friends tell us the construction worker has a bullet wound to the brain.

Albany Police say at first termed it a burglary type crime that turned into a home invasion shooting, but their investigation continues. Albany Police Media Manager Phyllis Banks Whitley said "right now they are working to drum up witnesses, any suspects that they possibly can. But right now the investigation is ongoing at this point."

Shoreham Apartment Property Manager Brandy Conard said "it's shocking to me." Landlords at the Dawson Road apartment complex say Smith was not a resident, and should not have been in their unit.  Conard said "it was a guest of one of my residents, it was not someone we rented to."

 Landlords the apartment tenant was out of town, but Police say Smith was not alone in the apartment when the shooting happened. Banks-Whitley said "I believe there was another person in the apartment with him, but I can't elaborate on that."

Neighbors say they can't help much. Conard said "as far as I know no one heard anything, the people who live across the hall. No one heard it happen or, until the Police actually were sent out here and were working on the scene."

 Banks-Whitley said "no suspects right now, so if there is anybody out there that is truly concerned about their community and what has happened in this apartment complex, we urge them to call the Albany Police."

 Police were informed about the shooting through a 911 call, but they will not say who made that call.

Neighbors we talked with said they are not scared, they think their neighborhood is safe.

 If you have any information on this home invasion and shooting, call CRIME STOPPERS at 229-436-TIPS. You could earn a reward for your information.