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Fewer people drive because of high gas prices

May 27, 2008

Albany --  The same is true here in Albany. People are walking, cycling or using public transportation to get where they're going.

Go anywhere you want around town for an entire month for less than the cost of a tank of gas. Sound like a good deal? It does to Katherine Solomon. "That helps out a lot. It saves me a lot," she said.

Each day Katherine hitches a ride on Albany Transit to get to work at Bright Beginners Day Care and when she's done here she catches another bus to school at Albany Tech. And she's not the only passenger.

"Since gas prices have gone up," she said, "there's been a lot more passengers on the bus and a lot of them say that's why they're on the bus, because gas has gone up so high."

That's the reason Angela Wells rides. "It's economical and the way gas prices are today, it saves on gas," she said.

And although she drives to some destinations, she tries not to. "It's much cheaper these days to ride the bus," said Wells.

"It's a dollar a ride and you can go wherever you want to go, compared to having to pay $3 and $4 for gas."

And as gas prices continue to rise, so it seems does the number of people on Albany Transit.

Monthly bus passes for Albany transit are only $36 and for students like Katherine, they are only $25 and can be paid by financial aid.

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