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Smoke fills the air on Memorial Day

May 26, 2008

Albany -- An afternoon grass fire had Albany firefighters busy Monday. Firefighters were called out to a ditch at the intersection of Clark Avenue and the Liberty Bypass a little after noon.

Engine number three and brush truck seven had the fire under control in about half an hour. Firefighters believe the flames were ignited by a discarded cigarette.

"It's not a good idea throw out cigarette butts or even have open fires if you are not going to watch them. With the high winds we've been having the last couple of weeks and these dry conditions, we need to be more careful with what we do," said Albany Fire Department Battalion Chief, Matthew Jefferson.

Traffic on Clark was tied up while firefighters got things under control. No one was injured.

Sasser -- Those of you driving along Highway 82 in Terrell County Monday afternoon saw a huge plume of black smoke. Many calls of concern came into us here at the station.

Turns out that cloud came from a controlled fire where 200 acres of what used to be wheat fields were burned off.

Flames snaked through the fields in the Billy Martin and Macadonia area. And the smoke painting the horizon could be seen for miles.

Farm workers say they do this every year and say next they'll be planting cotton and soy beans on these fields.


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