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Lunch lady wins lease on new car

May 26, 2008

Bainbridge-- Need a little extra incentive to show up for work everyday? You might want to work for the Decatur County School System.  One lucky staff member got a free lease on a new car for simply being a good employee! The new incentive program by the school system to reward faculty and staff for good attendance is already paying off big.

The students are out for the summer but many of their teachers, bus drivers, and other school employees were at Bainbridge High School early Monday morning.  Each person there worked hard all year to be at school every day.  "At the end of the year we had 1128 days saved that teachers were in the classroom or employees were at work," said Superintendent Ralph Jones.

A drawing for a one-year lease on a brand new car was the main event.  When they called Dianna Porter's name, she couldn't believe it.  "It couldn't be me," she said.  Co-workers of Porter, a lunch lady at West Bainbridge Elementary School say she's very deserving. "They've got this big old van that uses a lot of gas, and I think they've been thinking of getting rid of it.  This will help her tremendously," said Jean Givens.

But those dedicated to showing up for work every day are all deserving and they didn't go away empty handed.  All employees with perfect attendance for 6 months in a row also received an extra 200 dollars on their paycheck.

"Those schools in the school system and their staff with the least amount of absences $4000 for their school to go towards school supplies," said Jones.  Other drawings awarded several other lucky individuals with free tanks of gas and cash prizes.

"It is great! Can you imagine getting $100 just to come to work everyday?" asked Givens.  It may seem easy enough, but the school system says employees showing up to work everyday helps save them money. 

"This program has allowed us by saving money in hiring substitutes to put more money into substitute pay," said Jones.  And by making faculty and staff happy and dedicated, that means a better education for the students. And that is what they show up for every day.



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