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Have a nice Staycation?

May 26, 2008

Albany - Memorial day marks the unofficial start to summer and for many, the first summer vacation.   But with gas prices nearing $4 a gallon, not everyone can afford a relaxing trip out of town.   We found some folks who are making alternate plans and turning their vacation into a staycation.

Debra Vinson recently returned from a vacation to Disney World, unfortunately, it didn't go exactly as planned. "We cut it short and some of my children didn't go because they were going to pay for some of the gas," she said, "but they couldn't afford to do it." Monday, instead of traveling out of town, she came to the All American Fun Park with her family. "I think a lot more people are choosing to stay home," she said.

Like Ryan Miller. He and a few friends planned to spend the day on Lake Blackshear. He said, "It costs $80 to fill that up and then $80 in the truck so I figured just stay here."

But not everyone is changing their plans because of high gas prices. Carl Lunsford is planning a trip to the Keys. He says as long as there is gas, there will be people to buy it.   "I remember in the 70s there was no gas at all," said Lunsford. "I remember long lines at gas pumps, but now there's a supply of gas, so you just keep buying."

But maybe not as much. Mike Brooks and his family traveled to Chehaw for their vacation getaway, but only from Sylvester.   "I think there's an overall trend of slow down. That's what I'm seeing." But that doesn't mean a slow down in fun.   "Camping is one of the nicest things you can do, even if you have a whole lot of money or resources."

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