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Gas price cause families to change holiday plans

May 25, 2008

Albany--South Georgia drivers aren't getting any relief this memorial day weekend, the record prices continue to climb at the pumps.

According to triple-A the nationwide average price for a gallon of regular unleaded went up two cents overnight to $3.93.

In Albany gas hovers at $3.88 per gallon a nickel below the national average.

Diesel is $4.75 per gallon, a penny below the nationwide average. All that money going toward gas is more incentive for selling those large vehicles.

Zach Hood is a soon to be high school graduate, who despite fuel prices is looking for a truck.

"What I'm with now I'm looking for something a little more dependable, you know something durable that's going to get me from point A to point B," said Hood.

As we hit Memorial day, and head into summer relief at the pump doesn't seem likely.

"It's not practical for gas prices but for me being a baseball player, fetching equipment around and hauling my luggage and clothes and everything back and forth," said Hood.

And because of those gas prices, today we caught up with a family that is staying a lot closer to home.

"We usually go up to Tennessee to se my family up there but gas prices are so high right now we can't afford to stray away too far from the house," said Russell Cook. 

This family is took the boat to Lake Chehaw and Lake Worth and is skipping the trip to grandma's house this holiday.

"We only live about three to four minutes away, and we can fill up the boat for $45 compared to $300 to go to Tennessee," said Cook.

And there are no doubt more families like the Cooks who are celebrating closer southwest Georgia versus hitting the highway.

"We pretty much stay around here, if anything we'll go to blackshear but we pretty much stay around here though," said Cook.

The price of regular is topping four dollars in eleven states.


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