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Soldiers honored at Andersonville Memorial Day Celebration

May 25, 2008

Andersonville -- Hundreds waded through a sea of red, white and blue to commemorate those who have lost their lives and continue to fight for the freedoms we enjoy today.

"My father served in Korea and was wounded and received the purple heart. His name was Nathaniel Lewis. And I myself served on active duty for the United States Navy," said Sonjia Lewis.

"My dad was in WWII in the Burma campaign. His name was Harold Thomas he was a wonderful man. And my son is a striker commander and a second I. D. And I am very proud of him," said Emma Waters.

More than 18,000 flags are placed in front of the graves of soldiers who have fought in our nations wars.

"I hear different stories from a lot of families. I have learned about different stories form the Civil War veterans who have died here; all the way up to a couple of weeks ago when we buried a young man from Iraq," said cemetery administrator, Jerry Allen. 

"Everyone needs to come and think about the sacrifices that our ancestors in this cemetery made," said Jessie Harris.

"When I drove up I got chills just seeing all of the flags I just teared up," said Waters.

And Sunday veterans and family members honored them carrying a common message in their hearts. Thank you. "It's more than a decoration, its an honor for all of the 19,000 veterans that are buried here at the Andersonville National cemetery," said Allen. 

"They are the ones who are laying their lives on the line everyday so that we are afforded the opportunities that we have right now," said Lewis.

Because they know that their sacrifice is the reason that 50 stars and 13 stripes still sours proudly across our country.


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