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Tearful reunion for military family

May 24, 2008

Albany--With Memorial Day right around the corner, many families with loved ones in the military won't get a chance to see them this holiday.

It's a hard task to leave your family to fight a war overseas for months.

That's what thousands of Georgia military members have done and continue to do.

Troy Peters just returned from being deployed to Kuwait.

He left nine months ago under some difficult circumstances.

"It was a little stressful leaving knowing my wife had to especially with her pregnant and so far along," said Troy Peters, NMCB-14.

His wife Sabrina was eight months pregnant, and his son Max was just taking his first steps.

Things can change so much in nine months.

Now, Max has a little sister who before long will be walking herself.

"It was really hard because he was only 14 months old when she was born, and he was just learning how to walk and talk, and he was a huge handful," said Sabrina Peters, Troy's wife.

The entire family went to Gulf Port Mississippi to welcome him home last week, a tearful reunion months in the making. On the ride back to Georgia no time was lost.

"We just talked the whole time he told us about what it was like over there, we just bought this house while he was gone he's never even been to this house before," said Sabrina.

A house decorated with flags and signs, a fitting tribute on this memorial weekend.

"It's a real moral boost for you when you get home and you see how much people really miss an individual like yourself, you know this right here it was a little too much," said Troy.

"You know the only time he did get to see her was through a web cam, pictures, I sent him a birth announcement you know like he was just some random family member or something," said Sabrina.

Now that he's back Troy has time to spend with family and catch up with old friends in the good life city.

"I've seen a couple face lifts here and there a couple eye sores removed, I was glad to see that, the city is starting to look better," said Troy.

The war is still not over but this family is happy to be together even if it is for a few days.

Peters leaves again on Monday for Mississippi.

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