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Dougherty candidates speak to voters

May 24, 2008

Albany -- Improved cooperation and communication among agencies in the county were the themes of Saturday morning's public forum. Themes echoed by Dougherty's Sheriff candidates, each with their own strategy to achieve this.

"I like to include the whole county, not just one part or not just one sector or not just one side," said Dougherty Sheriff Candidate, Kevin Sproul.

"We want to bring different law enforcement offices to work together. When we work together we provide better services, better security for this community and that's what we are going to do," said Dougherty Sheriff Candidate, James Williams.

"I really want to open the dialogue. Put hard problems on the table and look at it strategically bringing in your school system, your different law enforcement agencies, your parents, said Dougherty Sheriff Candidate, Benita Childs.

Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards also said that this coordination will help prevent crime in Dougherty County. "Prevention is the most important thing so that if we deal with them, that we have the best coordinated law enforcement agencies that we can produce. And I think that I can do that as district attorney."

Public Defender Ingrid Driskell said if elected she will remove politics from the D.A.'s position. "I think the office should focus on making the community safe by making good, effective court prosecutions because at the end of the day that is all that really matters," said Driskell.

Dougherty County's current coroner Emma Quimbly and licensed embalmer Andrew Harris also addressed voters with their goals for the county coroner position.

"I think today's town hall meeting was an indication that voters are concerned about the upcoming election, and I will continue to bring them," said Ward 1 Albany City Commissioner, Jon Howard.

It doesn't matter who you want to be your next sheriff, Coroner or District Attorney, if you don't vote your voice won't be heard. You have until June 16th to register to vote, if you would like to participate in the July 15th primary elections.


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