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GSP is watching for those who break the law

May 23, 2008

Tift County--More than a million Georgians are expected to travel over this Memorial Day weekend, as the summer travel season begins.

If you plan to hit the highways, you should know the Georgia State Patrol will be out there with you, watching for those who break the law.

The radar gun is going to get plenty of use this weekend because the Georgia State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies are out in force.

"We're stacked up and we're just waiting for a violator, once we detect that violators we'll send a car out to talk with them," said SFC Scott Woodell, GSP Tifton Post Commander.

GSP is conducting it's I-75 Focus Detail, brining all the troopers in the area to target drivers on the busy thoroughfare.

"We're focusing on I-75 and our belief is the more times we put those blue lights on that's one more live saved," said Woodell.

So your best bet is to buckle up and slow down, and if you decide to drink and drive trooper Woodell has one thing to say.

"Just don't do it because chances are you're going to meet a state trooper this weekend."

Meet a state trooper who will have zero tolerance for aggressive and drunk drivers.

And even though they're trying to save on gas, don't expect to see less of them on Georgia's roadways.

"Our name is the Georgia State Patrol and unless we patrol, we're not doing our job plain and simple, so we're going to kind of wave the gas thing for now and we're going to be out there patrolling," said Woodell.

Within the 78-hour holiday travel period Patrol Officers will be watching ready to pull you over if you break the law.

"We're taking an aggressive stance on trying to make sure that the more laws that we enforce the more lives we save, it's just as simple as that," said Woodell.

As simple as thinking before you get behind the wheel or before you step on the gas peddle.

The state predicts 19 people will be killed and 1,200 injured in crashes on Georgia roads this weekend.


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