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Sea lions splash at Wild Adventures

May 23, 2008

Valdosta - Sea lions and string rays and sharks.  Oh my!

These marine animals are brand new to wild adventures.

The sea lions will perform shows for the park's annual Kidzpalooza.

Meet Stella, Rose and Kim. 

They are the ensemble to Wild Adventures newest show, sea lion splash.  "Of course there's a lot of fun such as dancing, back flips, Frisbee, we got it all here," says trainer Gala Rogacheva.

A fun show with a very real lesson.  "They will see an education show where our sea lions actually show you the ways to save our environment, such as recycling."

An important topic because many of these performers have personal experiences.

"She was found on a beach weighing 50 pounds because of plastic that she had ate. Now, Stella weighs over 300 pounds!" Rogacheva explains.

The sea lion show is a first for the park and the first opportunity many will have to see these animals up close.

"This is the first time we've had marine animals at the park, so it should really be exciting," says Wild Adventure's Jimmy Holmes.  "A lot of people haven't seen these animals before. These are well trained animals, and if you look at them, they are exciting to see."

But come catch the show quick, because they'll only be here through the summer.

The sea lion show begins Friday.  The sharks will arrive at the park June 6th.

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