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Riverquarium likely to get $250,000 from county

May 22, 2008

Albany - Dougherty County Commissioners are considering giving the Flint Riverquarium $250,000 in next year's budget. The original request from the Riverquarium was for $300,000 from the county government, $50,000 more than they got from the county last year.

Lamar Hudgins said, "We didn't feel like it would be appropriate to increase the level of funding than what we had done last year and, of course, they're moving toward being self-sufficient and we look forward to being able to help them in that arena."

The Riverquarium also asked the city to provide $300,000 in funding. Thursday the finance committee also recommended funding for a new legal secretary for the D.A.'s office and making a part-time position in the coroner's office full-time.

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