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Staying safe at work and at play

May 22, 2008

Albany - All employers want to keep their employees safe at work, but the Marine Base in Albany is taking it a step further - they're making sure workers are safe off the job, too. That's why the logistics command at MCLB Albany held a safety day at the base.

The focus was on summer activities like boat safety, outdoor cooking tips, and making sure you're safe behind the wheel.

With the unofficial start to summer, arrives a season of fun, but a small dose of safety goes a long way. "We don't pay attention to recreation safety as much as we should," said Safety Day organizer Michael Basnight.

Even being outside in the summer in South Georgia can present a danger on its own. "Learned some of the poisonous rattlesnakes and stuff in the state. I just got here in August of last year, so I'm still kind of new," said Sgt. Evan Hege.

But Logistics Command at MCLB wants every Marine and Civilian worker to stay safe whether they are playing in the sun, or working for their wage. "We want the folks to get up, come to work, be safe at work and then go home. And at the same time, we want them to get up in the morning and come back to work," said Basnight.

And one of the simplest safety tips is one of the easiest to follow. The Convincer simulates a car slamming into a fixed object at 5-10 miles per hour. It convinced Sgt. Evan Hege.  He said, "It convinced me when I did it and I know many other people it's convinced."

And hopefully those who attended will be convinced to stay focused on safety in everything they do. About 2,000 Marines and Civilians attended the event which will be held annually.



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